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September 30, 2012 – Hosea 2 – The Door of Hope

Join us “in the desert” away from all worldly distractions for a story, a prophecy of Israel’s deserved punishment and God’s loving grace all crammed into one chapter of Hosea.

Download the sermon on the second part of this series on the book of Hosea here or listen here:

Hosea 2

New International Version 1984 (NIV1984)
2 “Say of your brothers, ‘My people,’ and of your sisters, ‘My loved one.’

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September 23, 2012 – Hosea 1 – The Prophet’s Story

Why are we in the book of Hosea? Well, in the words of Pastor Stafford, “…I’ve never preached in all my thirty years in the book of Hosea, and I am determined before I end (how many years from now) I’m going to make sure that I preach from every book of the Bible. But secondary, and more importantly, this wonderful short history and prophecy holds for us a modern correlation that can truly apply to our lives today.”

Download the first of this series here or listen here:


Hosea 1

New International Version 1984 (NIV1984)

1 The word of the Lord that came to Hosea son of Beeri during the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, kings of Judah, and during the reign of Jeroboam son of Jehoash[a] king of Israel:

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September 16, 2012 – 1 Kings 18

Come before the Lord with clean hands and broken hearts. Sermon by guest preacher Levi Lopes. Download here or play here: [audio]

1 Kings 18:16-40

New International Version 1984 (NIV1984)

Elijah on Mount Carmel

16 So Obadiah went to meet Ahab and told him, and Ahab went to meet Elijah. 17 When he saw Elijah, he said to him, “Is that you, you troubler of Israel?”

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